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Beach Sloth reviews OOOO , Bangers, & Metatron poems

Blake Wallin reviews OOOO in Ghost City Review
Bethany Mary reviews OOOO at Vagabond City Lit Andrew Sargus Klein reviews ‘A Traumatic Photosynthesis’ at the Wilds. Hannah Cohen reviews ‘I Need to Stop Being on the Internet’ at the Wilds. Joanna C. Valente interviewed me for their #SurvivorSeries Alexandra Barbu wrote about my meme page for Writer’s Block Magazine ( a student magazine in Amsterdam) here Jenna Mahale wrote about “depression memes” and specifically about my meme page for Bitch as their 2021 Writing Fellow in Technology 
Mentions Mentioned in Drunk In A Midnight Choir’s The Inventory  4 Poetry Collections That Will Give You All The Feelings Ever over at Luna Luna Magazine In Bed With Erin Taylor over at Queen Mob’s Tea House 30 Books Published in 2016 That Should Be On Your Shelf over at Luna Luna MagazineIn 2016 I was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Bettering American Poetry
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My articles have been shouted out in Autostraddle’s NSFW Sunday here and here.   Sydney Morning Herald article from 2017 that references a tweet of mine Quoted in The Cut about how to have good phone sex in 2020 The Artist Katherine Yaochen Du made the piece Passing Shadow as an illustration and visual accompaniment to my meme