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2021 April 6th and 7th 2021. Taught two workshops on the sex workers rights movement at the University of Connecticut, Virtual. 
March 23rd 2021. Erin Taylor (AKA ATMFIEND) in Conversation with Cecily Chen, sponsored by Bard College’s Meme Lab, Virtual Talk.  February 15th 2021. Kiss Me Thru The Phone: Cybersex During COVID-19, spoke to students for Sex Week at Ohio State University, Virtual Talk. February 12th. VR Reading at Bitcoin Citadel with Leigh Cuen, Virtual Reality. 
2020 November 24th 2020. Electronic Literature Day Festival through the Berlin-Beirut based media and publishing collective Barakunan. The  festival featured forty-five creatives located all over the globe, Virtual Event.  September 16th 2020. Guested on QBT with Shawny and Jerms, episode The Gossip Rag of Trauma, Erin Taylor.   2019
December 17 2019. Ceremony, Rage reading at Studio 151. Hosted by Jacq The Stripper and SX Noir. Ft Stoya, Rachel Rabbit White, Tracy Quan, Andy Flower, Emily Iris, Sophia G, Miss Sugar Mamasoto. DJ set by DJ Simcard
July 6th 2019. All These Urban Fields by Loisa Fenichell launch at Starr Bar in Bushwick, NY. Ft Loisa Fenichell, Erin Taylor, Ariel Francisco, and Matthew Rowe
April 20th 2019. Unpublishable Series at Powerhouse Books in Dumbo, NY. Ft Erin Taylor, Jessica Denzer, Chris Gonzalez, Evan Gorzeman, Anya Lewis-Meeks,  and a video-poem by Brent Kite and Chris Molnar
2018  October 18 2018. Chicago Lad Visits New York reading at Molasses Books in Bushwick, NY. Ft Rivka Yeker, Precious Okoyomon, Eric Tyler Benick, Leo Sherman, and Erin Taylor  October 12th 2018. 24 Hour Neon Is Live in Brooklyn Baby in Bedstuy, NY. Opened for Clara Joy and Kai Orion September 10 2018. Poetry 99 at Spoonbill Books in Williamsburg, NY. Ft Denise Jarrott, Anum Sattar, Rax King, Robert Kaplan, Dana Frayne, and Erin Taylor  August 30th 2018. Greetings, From Queer Mountain Ep 8 at Housing Works in Soho, NY. Ft Hafizah Geter, Gabe Gonzalez, Bobby Hankinson, Aldreen Valdez, and Erin Taylor  August 24th 2018. Friends Reading Literature at Wendy’s Subway in Bushwick, NY. Ft Larissa Pham, Tony Tulathimutte, Precious Okoyomon, Alex Manley, Mary Boo Anderson, and Erin Taylor  July 11th 2018. Breadcrumbs Magazine at Sisters Bar in downtown Brooklyn, NY. Ft Moore Keesean, Rachel Lyon, Stephanie Valente, Jason Swartwood, Olivia Luisa Mardwig, Josh Rubino, Meena Roldan, Ariel Francisco, Claire Durand-Gasselin, and Joanna C. Valente May 10th 2018. Drink Your Water poetry series at Phluid Project in New York, NY. Ft Supriya Kumble, Dena Igusti, Nanee, Hannah Rego, Alexis Aceves Garcia, Vanessa Newman, Erin Taylor, and Noel Quiñones March 13th 2018. A Night of Reading with Erin Taylor, Doyali Islam, & guests at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal, Canada. Ft Erin Taylor, Doyali Islam, Nat Hero, Miguel Leandro, Paige Cooper, Anahita Jamali Rad, Quinn Mason, and Eliza Robertson. Hosted by Guillaume Morissette
February 12th 2018. Reading at Flowers Bar in Bushwick, NY. Aeon Ginsberg, Liz Bowen, and Erin Taylor. In 2018 I guested on four episodes of the podcast Things I Learned in Therapy. I talked Bad Dates, Bodies, Therapy, and Monogamy with Chloe. You can find them all here.   2017 September 28th 2017. Magic Theatre Poetry Reading at The Meeting Room Art Gallery in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ft Erin Taylor and Karen Suture  July 23rd 2017. DIY show at Planet Phitness in Philadelphia, PA, opened with Terra Rene for Puzzlehead, Weed, and Sluggrrr Pup. Hosted by Lora Mathis May 27th 2017. Poems Night at Little Berlin in Philadelphia, PA. Ft Camelia Grass, Bursera Grave, Alina Pleskova
2016 August 6th 2016. This Lil Lit Poetry Party in Denver, CO. Ft Austin Islam, Addison Herron-Wheeler, Ellie Swensson, Justin Ryan Fyfe, Jonathan Simkins, Louis Packard, Gabby Joy, Jake Grieco, Frances Amiama, Joseph Parker Okay, and Paul Hanson Clark