about Erin Taylor 

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Erin Taylor is an American poet, essayist, editor, and so forth. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Bettering American Poetry. Her writing often deals with the body, queerness, trauma, and memory. 

She has dabbled in embroidery, art curation, interviews (you can read many of her interviews at Maudlin House), comedy (ha ha ha), and is currently caught in the throws of academia.

She is set to graduate from Long Island University’s Global College in May 2018 with a Global Studies degree. She has mainly focused on the relationship between the internet and globalization. 

She also has a pretty wild Twitter. Her tweets have been featured in Cosmopolitan’s snapchat story and at the Sydney Morning Herald

She currently lives in NYC. 

If you are interested in publishing her, interviewing her, reviewing her, or so on, you can email her at erin.mcdonald@my.liu.edu OR alternatively you can follow her at Twitter or on Instagram