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Breadcrumbs Mag, June, 2018 (poetry) 
phoebe journal, January, 2019 (poetry)
The Vanilla Internet: How The Internet is Failing Queer Sex Workers in Bitch Media, July 2019 (reported feature)
Sex Workers are at the Forefront of the Fight Against Mass Surveillance and Big Tech in Observer, November 2019 (reported feature)

An Interview with Rachel Rabbit White in Believer Mag, November 2019 (interview)
How to Make (and Maintain) Healthy Sexual Boundaries in Allure, November 2019 Before the tonsils stop (group exhibition) at Firstdraft Gallery in Sydney, Australia curated by Jonno Revanche. Featured an audio piece A Statement on Pain (which you can listen to here) and a meme. Ft Ali Baker, Amanda Lee Radomi, Andy Butler, Anuran de Silva, Chris Tse, Erin Taylor, Elyas Alavi, Grace Lin, Jelly Luise, June Helen Lam, Michael Stratford Hutch, Sione Teumohenga, Sol Yoga, and Valerie Schlosberg. Xoxo, Gretta in Newest York (poem) Two poems in Minor Literature[s] 
2020 Reddit’s Female Dating Strategy Offers Women Advice - and a Strict Rulebook For How to Act in The Verge, February 2020 (reported feature) COVID-19 Anxiety taking a toll? There’s a subreddit for that in The Verge, March 2020 (reported feature)
Family Estrangement During a Pandemic over at Delirium Blog, March 2020 (blog)

What It’s Like to Be a Phone Sex Worker in the Time of COVID-19 in Allure, April 2020 (reported feature)Poem at The Poetry Project, May 2020 (poetry) Too Hot to Handle is a Conservative Nightmare of a Dating Show in Bitch, May 2020 (tv criticism) Sex Workers Have Always Known That Zoom is Anti-Sex. Now, the Public Knows Too in Bitch, May 2020 (reported feature) Government Shutdown of CityXGuide Intensifies Fight for Decriminalization in Observer, July 2020 (reported feature)The Grift List: Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans Debacle Screwed Over Sex Workers in Bitch, September 2020 (reported feature) The Fallen Tracee and Sex Industry Labor Rights in “The Sopranos” in Autostraddle, November 2020 (tv criticism) Before Substack sucked I ran a meme criticism substack that features direct crit on meme trends and what they mean on a greater socio-cultural level.  2021
What, Like It’s Hard? The Enduring Legacy of “Legally Blonde” in Bitch, March 2021 (film criticism) Bare Trap: How Girls Gone Wild Sold Sham Empowerment in Bitch, October 2021 (also in print)  Pamela Council Talks About Fountain in Times Square, a Playland, and Everything in Observer, November 2021  Fellini Wasn’t Brave Enough: ‘Nights of Cabiria’ and Fallen Women in Love in Observer, December 2021 (film criticism)  2022
What the Resurrection of Marilyn Monroe Tells Us About Parasocial Obsession From Beyond the Grave in Observer, May 2022Did you enjoy my late night performance? I did. in Queer Majority (poem)